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January 2014

All Terrain Crane

Tierra Lease Service takes delivery of a new Terex AC100/4L All Terrain Crane with a 120 Ton capacity, which can also be configured for 90 Ton capacity. The purchase included all counterweights, jibs and spreader bars and a haul truck has been dedicated to the crane so it can be deployed on short notice. Tierra also hired a certified crane operator and rigger who are full time employees, so deployment of the crane with all its components and crew can be immediate.

Work demand started increasing immediately with the start of the New Year and Tierra responded by purchasing 4 new One Ton Crew Trucks complete with new generators, air compressors, power threaders and a full complement of tools. In addition 1 new ¾ ton pickup was purchased and 6 new PJ Utility Trailers.