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Tierra Lease Service, LLC is a performance-driven company whose highest priorities are accident prevention, the health of our employees and protection of the environment.

Simply put, we believe:

  • No one gets hurt
  • No environmental damage
  • Nothing is more valuable than our employees' health and safety

These statements are essential to the success and growth of our company and they will not vary, even when others may have different priorities. To insure our company is always aligned with these simple but powerful aspirations, our corporate HSE expectations shall be grounded in the following basic principles:

  • Leadership and Management commitment are essential
  • Delivery of HSE performance is everyone's responsibility
  • Working safely and protecting the environment are conditions of employment
  • HSE performance must be measured and actively managed
  • All safety and environmental incidents are preventable
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations is the starting point
  • Everyone has "Stop Work Authority" and is expected to use it

By these actions and with the full cooperation of all employees, we will be an industry leader in safety and environmental performance.

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Joey Newberry, CEO


HSE Policy Statement

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